Sushi or not to be

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Sushi or not to be

A proposed ban on industrial fishing for blue fin tuna has French, Italian and Spanish fisherman in an uproar. In France the industry concerns over 200 boats and 1000 fisherman most of them based in the city of Sète west of Marseilles.

The European Commission wants to ban this seasonal activity which normally runs from April through June due to overfishing. The tuna are a victim of their own success with approximately 70% of the Mediterranean catch being exported to Japan.

Michelin chef stars Gerald Passedat , Olivier Roellinger , Joel Robuchon and Alain Ducasse stopped serving tuna years ago and have opted for less controversial species for their elaborate menus.

The ban may only be temporary.  In the mean time private fisherman can still catch all varieties of tuna for their own consumption like these which were fished last spring just off the island of Porquerolles.