Under Pressure

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Under Pressure

Olivier Baussan, the founder of the ultra successful L'Occitane line and the man behind Olivier & Co, has a new venture these days.  Having sold off his two previous companies he has come up with yet another great idea which continues to promote Provence.

Premiere Pression unites some 30 olive oil producers from Provence together under one roof. Oils are categorised around one of 3 labels: fruité vert (oil made from young olives), fruité mur (oil made from ripe olives) and fruité noir (oil made from ripe olives which has been left to ferment a few days before pressing).

So if you purchased a bottle of Castelas oil in Les Baux last summer and you just can’t wait to buy more look no further. Premiere Pression has you in direct contact with the micro producers.

Today there are 4 shops in Paris and a website from which you can order 250 ml or 100 ml cans of oil with an integrated pourer. This clever packaging gives the shops a contemporary feel. But the packaging has a lot to do with being environmentally friendly as well. Not only does this shape travel well in either trains or on river barges, but they are made from recycled material which can in turn be recycled. www.premiere-pression-provence.com