Virtual Truffle Growers

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Virtual Truffle Growers

If you have always wanted to have your own truffle reserve here is your chance - and it's hassle free. The Martino family have been working with INRA The French National Institute of Agricultural Research ( to perfect growing techniques.

Today the roots of both white oaks and green oak trees are impregnated with tuber melanosporum, otherwise known as the Black Truffle, thereby guaranteeing a harvest when the tree reaches maturity approximately 7 years later.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a row of trees can do so. Sponsors will receive regular updates on the trees so that they can follow their progress. During the 4 winter months of harvest season sponsors can opt to receive their truffles by express mail or they have the option of selling them back to the Martinos who happen to be one of the biggest brokers in France working with restaurants nation wide. And yes fresh truffles can be vacuum packed and sent via Fedex (or the French equivalent) to anywhere in North America.

As an added bonus for sponsors, they are invited to the Domaine for a true truffle hunt followed by a truffle tasting. It's the perfect Provençal winter escapade. It also makes for an original end of the year holiday gift.