Passédat on Thalassa

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Passédat on Thalassa

Gerald Passédat, 3 star Michelin chef of Le Petit Nice and a Marseille native, will be featured on the next episode of Thalassa on Friday April 12th on France 3 TV.

Passédat will share his passion for the Deep Blue which is his source of endless inspiration thanks to the wealth the Mediterranean has to offer. His cuisine is not just an appetizer, main course and dessert. Like scuba diving his cuisine progressively immerses people into a new world. Every year over 65 varieties of fresh fish are prepared in such a way as to magnify their vivacious taste.

For years the same fishermen have been delivering their catch to the restaurant. Working to the rhythm of the seasons this artisanal fishing guarantees not only the best fish but it is also a way of sustaining the fishing industry.

His culinary heritage was inherited from both his grandmother Lucie Passédat and his father Jean-Paul Passédat who ran Le Petit Nice before him. Today he perpetuates the legacy with his own twist which earned him his Third Michelin Star in 2008.

Thalassa, from the Greek word for sea, is a French documentary series created in 1975 that airs every Friday night on France3 and is rebroadcast in Canada on TV5. Each week the show is made up of segments highlighting transatlantic races, boat shows and exclusive reports on people around the world and their relationship to the sea.