Sketchcrawl in Aix

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Sketchcrawl in Aix

The 38th Worldwide Sketchcrawl kicks off in Aix en Provence on Saturday January 19th at 10:30 am from the Bibliotechque Mejanes. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept you meet up with other participating artists (of all ages - kids welcome) at the starting point armed with a sketchpad and pens and record what you see as you wander through Aix en Provence for the day.

At the end of theĀ  marathon drawing day the group meets up again to share thoughts and compare their artwork. Each person will have paid attention to different details and have different takes on the same surroundings.

Enrico Casarosa, the founder of Skethcrawl in San Francisco in 2006, says that giving "yourself a mandate of a full day changes the way you look around you. It makes you stop and see things just a tad longer. Just a bit deeper."

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