Visit Lafayette's ship that sailed for independence

Written by Laurence Bry. Posted in Tours & things to do

An 18th century replica of LaFayette's three masted frigate, L'Hermione,  left La Rochelle, on the west coast of France, last week and is headed into the Mediterranean. The ship is a copy of the 1780 that transported the Marquis of LaFayette to the States in support of their fight for independence from the British Crown. 

Lafayette, a French aristocrat and a friend to both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, fought in the American War of Independence (1775–1783). He went on to be a key figure in the French Revolution of 1789. He was made an honorary citizen of the Unites States of America. Upon his death he was buried in Paris with soil transported from Charlestown Massachussets, the location of the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill. 

Stops in Provence include :
Sète from March 27- April 2
Toulon from April 5-9
Marseille on April 12 -16

Below is a map of all the stops.

You can visit the ship while it is in one of the ports. Tickets are available online