La Nuit des Châteaux

Written by Laurence Bry. Posted in Tours & things to do

For one night hundreds of chateaux around France will open their doors. In nearby Puy St. Reparade Bruno Pascal, the owner, has the following programme set out for the evening of Saturday October 19th:


An evening dedicated to the discovering of the family estate, from the 17th century country house and gardens to the 19th century factories.

  • Discovery- game on Arnajon
  • Aperitif and history of the estate
  • Lantern walk in the gardens
  • Candlelit walk through the ground floor of the bastide 
  • Snacks and dinner outside by the fire

The Château d'Arnajon is best known for its 17th century bastide and park, which has long been recognized as one of the outstanding examples of a Provençal bastide garden with a strong Florentine influence. It extends its regular terraces lined with Rognes stone balusters to the main road that linked Aix and Cadenet, with the Luberon as a backdrop. Water plays a major role, animating the fountains, running on the terraces, filling two large basins in which the architecture of the bastide is reflected. One of the two dovecotes houses an astonishing nymphaeum, a cave of freshness with an octagonal plan, vaulted, fully decorated, absolutely exceptional in Provence for its state of conservation.

To the west of the bastide, several 19th century factories provide an equally prized ensemble with a more rural atmosphere and another universe less majestic but rich in details, with varied corners where it is pleasant to stroll: washhouse, pigsty, hutches, henhouse, orange grove and its different species of citrus fruits.

Château d'Arnajon

Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Time: 18h to 21h30

30 €