First Crush

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First Crush

Although a fair distance from Provence I thought this wine making facility in Bordeaux was really interesting. A company by the name of Crushpad ( runs a wine making operation targeting individual wine enthusiasts who want to create their own cuvées from the region.

Crushpad clients, including wine aficionados, professional winemakers and restaurants, immerse themselves in the different wine production processes. Those who can travel to Chateau Teyssier, a grand cru property dating back to 1714 in St. Emilion, can be on hand for blending. Those who can’t can still participate in the process virtually.  Clients can log into which enables them to stay connected to the progress of their wine.

Cost to create your very own custom barrel of wine — 25 cases — varies depending on the vineyards and blends. Most barrels range from 6,700 € to 8,400 € per barrel (22 € to 28 € per bottle). Crushpad has sourced some exceptional vineyards in California as well. Have a look at the U.S. website

With over 64 300 followers on Twitter it appears small scale wine production (micro-cuvéé) from world class vineyards is a popular past time.