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The 3rd bottle from the left is a regular size bottle of wine but to satiate the tastes of both NY night clubs and the Kazak market, some Provençal wine producers are bottling much larger formats.

The magnum is still considered too small so the Domaine de Bertaud Belieu in Gassin is selling rosé in the Jéroboam (3 litres which is just more than 3 bottles), Réhoboam (4.5 litre or more than 6 bottles of wine)  and Mathusalem ( 6 liters or just over 8 bottles of wine) sizes. The Mathusalem sells for about  $1000 in NYC.

The Jéroboam is named after the Isreali King. It was designed and named by Pierre Mitchell an Irishman who created the bottle while working for the Royal Glass Manufacture in Bordeaux in 1725. The Réhoboam derives it's name from the King of Judah, the son of King Salomon.  The Mathusalem is named after the oldest person named in the Old Testament who was said to have lived 969 years. (Genesis : 5-27).

There are actually 2 larger sizes not illustrated in the graphic above: the Adelaide (93 litres) and the Sublime (150 litres). Not sure who would be able to pick them up to pour exactly. I'll keep you posted.

Illustration credit: Aristides Balanos