A Day in The Camargue

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The Camargue is the Provencal version of the American West with cowboys herding bulls raised primarily for bull fighting. These marshlands, located on the Rhone River delta, provide a temporary home to many migratory birds and provide the nation with massive salt reserves and the highly praised fleur de sel. The Provence Confidential itinerary takes you on a journey into protected land and time..

Joy riding through the Camargue - a sample of the scene

Ride a horse through the salt marshes of the Camargue for a couple of hours with a gardiens – local cowboy -- as your guide. The lagoons you pass through are a haven for many wild birds including flamingos, ibis and egrets. Sea lavender, tamarisk and reeds abound in this regional park.

Lunch indoors or on a shaded outside terrace at the restaurant at which we have made reservations -- chosen to match your tastes. Time taken for lunch is not time lost from touring. Sitting back, enjoying a meal, and becoming one with the scenery are all part of discovering the Provençal lifestyle.  

Ride in a chauffeur driven 4-wheel vehicle through the dramatic salt marshes in to get an idea of the operations of the sea salt industry. You will pass by monumental salt dunes that capture the magnitude of the salt reserves. If your visit is timed to the season of the hand harvesting of the fleur de sel  you will see the sauniers or salt men at work. You will learn how the basin system functions and come to understand the century's old technique required to properly gather these crystals that are bursting with intense flavor.

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