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A Day in The Camargue


The Camargue is the Provencal version of the American West with cowboys herding bulls raised primarily for bull fighting. These marshlands, located on the Rhone River delta, provide a temporary home to many migratory birds and provide the nation with massive salt reserves and the highly praised fleur de sel. The Provence Confidential itinerary takes you on a journey into protected land and time..

Farm to table experience

What better way to spend a Sunday then dining on perfectly prepared local produce with friends at a 300 year old sheepfold overlooking the Luberon mountains?

I've been to the restaurant before and raved about it. But it got even better. The new owner re-opened Le Castellas in May 2019 after investing in some very elaborate renovations to both the kitchens and the hotel orginally built in 1720 as a sheepfold. He also recently had the country road between the hamlet and the domaine paved making it far less treacherous to drive up if you don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle. 

Rove goats with their lyre-shaped horns welcome you to the domaine set above the hamlet of Sivergues. Be on the lookout for a small white free roaming goat by the name of Vivi who like the contents of women's handbags or check out what she's up to now on Instagram @vivi_la_chevre .

Large picnic tables are set up at three locations: at the foot of the building, under the giant oak tree for shade in summer, and inside the building for colder autumn and winter days. On Sundays Chef Julie has a set menu starting with 4 different fall vegetable salads (beet, chickpea, tomato and spelt) accompanied by a kale quiche as an appetizer. The main course was an entire roasted free-range chicken cooked with wild rosemary and served with cauliflower in creme sauce, parsnips and potatoes cooked in the roasting juices. Dessert was the lighest cheesecake (marcapone is the secret) on a bed of homemade red fruit coulis. Menus will change with the seasons but are sure not to dissappoint.