Discovering Lavender

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In Provence both lavandin and lavender are grown. Lavender, the more noble variety used by the fragrance industry is organically grown and distilled for its oil in the town of Valensole. The harvest is usually held in mid-July but the exact date will vary each year depending on the climatic conditions. Lavendin, which blooms earlier, has it's own unique qualities. The Provence Confidential itinerary includes both varieties- depending on the season.  

The Scent of the Season: Ideas for a half-day lavender itinerary

The scented fields … Miles and miles of lavender files cover the plateau of Valensole. Here you can walk, breathing in the calming scent and filling your eyes and being with the beauty, You can set up an easel, as so many painters before you have, or take dozens of photos to warm you in the winters to come.    

The distilleries … Provence Confidential can arrange for you to visit the lavender distilleries that are only open a few weeks a year at harvest time. You can see how the essential oils are extracted from the sun dried lavender stems and flowers following the long-term organic farming regulations.

The village of Valensole … The Provence Confidential itinerary includes a visit to the beautiful, dynamic, and deeply interesting village of Valensole. The town streets go back and forth from the center to the top of the hill, The houses, painted in Provencal colors with a soft gray trim have antique doors, picturesque old shutters, and wrought-iron balconies. The cafes with their terraces are open and friendly, shaded on the hottest day, giving a view of the bubbling fountain and an ancient sundial. The shops open to the street, filled with lavender products - will give you ample opportunity to purchase lavender honey, soap, candles and sachets to take home for memories and gifts.

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