A Day in The Luberon

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The Luberon countryside is dotted with vineyards, orchards, drystone walls and ancient villages perched on hill tops with panoramic views of neighboring villages. The Provence Confidential itinerary takes you up and down the narrow lanes of the picturesque villages where with each step and turn you can admire the antique doors, the bubbling fountains and the views to the sweeping fields below.

A partial view of a full day visit to the Luberon

The Provençal life style: private gardens throughout the villages.  Because outdoor dining is very much a part of the Provençal lifestyle the garden is often an extension of the house, combining the ornamental with the utilitarian. A handful of residents of the Luberon will, at our request, open their doors and show their private gardens to small groups. Provençal gardens do not include the traditional summer blooms found in other regions of France where water is in ample supply. Dry summer conditions dictate the types of plants that can be grown and Provençal gardens should be looked at as land art and harmony of landscape. 

Lunching as the Provençals do. Each of the towns in the Luberon have excellent restaurants that serve meals made from local produce that tastes the way food used to. We can make reservations on your behalf at one of these special restaurants with a shaded outdoor terrace built for comfort and pleasure. Lunch time, an important part the Provençal lifestyle, will be become an important part of your journey. 

The Cote du Luberon appellation can be used for wines that are red, white, or rose. There are no shortages of vineyards – almost 500 producers -- so a careful choice of which ones to visit is important. Our criteria for identifying which ones to recommend to you are three-fold: the wine must be exceptional, the vineyard had to be located in a remarkable setting providing scenic views and photo opportunities, and the staff must greet each and every visitor as a welcome guest. We ask that a knowledgeable vineyard staff member discuss with you, in English, the grape varieties that are native to the area and explain the vinification process of the reds, whites and roses. After the visit you will have the opportunity to taste several of the wines produced at the domaine.

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